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The Vikings
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Board games and dice games were very popular with the Vikings. They invented Nine Men's Morris. (Nine Men's Morris was a game also played by the Romans, who probably copied it from the Norse.) Chess began to be played towards the end of Viking rule. (Chess was not invented by the Vikings. Like the Romans, when the Vikings discovered something they like enjoyed by another culture, they brought it home.) Norsement greatly enjoyed music, which they considered an art form, storytelling, and all kinds of sports including skiing, ice skating, games of agility, and games that prepared men and women for combat. Men loved to gamble on the outcome of a game.

Kids played with homemade whistles, wooden dolls, balls, and model boats.

Although women were not allowed to gamble, they could play games and participate in sports as could Viking children. The Vikings wanted their people - men, women, and children - to be strong in body and quick in thought. Their games reflected this.

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