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The Vikings
for Kids and Teachers

The Vikings were a smart, creative, artistic, democratic people. Their society was built on law and order. In fact the word "law" comes from Old Norse, the Viking language. Women had rights and family was important. They loved their kids. They loved their boats. They made everything beautiful - their clothes, their weapons, even their water buckets. They were very clean. They created wonderful stories about their gods and goddesses. They loved games, especially games of agility or skill. They were farmers, craftsmen, traders, explorers, looters, and fierce warriors.

The Vikings dominated parts of Europe for over 600 years - from around 400AD to about 1070 AD. Come meet the talented people of the north!

For Kids

Viking Geography

Viking Families & Daily Life

Viking Names

Viking Society

Vikings Homes

Viking Food and Drink

Viking Clothing, Hairstyles, Jewelry

Viking Entertainment & Sports

Viking (Norse) Art & Music

Viking Religion

Norse Gods and Goddesses

Viking Myths

Viking Mythical Monsters

Viking Stories and Sagas

Viking Jobs

Viking Longboats (also called longships)

Viking Exploration

Viking Looting

Viking Traders, Goods, Money

Viking Settlers

Viking Towns

Viking Warriors

Viking Written Language - Runes, Runic Inscriptions, and Runestones

Our Days of the Week - Named for Norse Gods

Interactive Viking Games

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Viking Lesson Plans