Jobs and Occupations - The Vikings for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Vikings
Jobs & Occupations

Most Vikings were farmers. A few were traders. A few were explorers. As time went on, and villages grew into towns, people began to specialize. There were blacksmiths, jewelers, weapon makers, fabric makers, potters, bone carvers, bakers, fishermen, hunters, warriors, sailors, boat builders, leather workers, wooden bowl makers, and more. 

Market day was a busy place. Everyone wanted to sell their wares. Farmers came in from the farms with food and animals. Craftsmen displayed their goods. Some clans created coins, but there was not a universal coinage for all Viking trades. Instead, coins were made of silver. Traders and sellers used scales to weigh various coins or bits of silver. They bartered for goods as well. 

While the Vikings believed in many gods and goddesses, there was no group whose job it was to be a religious leader. There were no set religious rituals. Each Viking worshipped in their own way.

Rise of Towns


Viking Religion